YOCHIEN Karate Kids 4-6 years

donovanfrontkickFUN & EXCITING Karate classes with emphasis on character building for young children.

This class is designed specifically to develop basic motor skills, balance, enhanced self-esteem and positive character.

Respect for self and others is emphasized in this class, along with the importance of commitment and goal setting.
The Karate Kids Club is an excellent preparatory class for pre-school age children to learn basic life skills of discipline, and goal setting in a fun, yet structured setting. The Karate Kids will participate in team-building exercises that emphasize mutual respect, positive peer support, and fun!


Junior Karate 7-13 years

Takamiyagi Sensei_Kenji Goshukan-Ryu Karate, self-defense, and Kobudo introduction for elementary school-aged students.

The Junior Karate class is formatted for primary and middle-school children, and is designed with emphasis on physical fitness, improved focus, kihon/fundamental techniques, kata (forms), and self-defense training methods. Building on the foundations of the skills and mantra of mutual respect, self-esteem, and fun taught in the Karate Kids Club  The Junior Karate student will also learn discipline, self-control, goal-setting,  and positive character development through the study of Goshukan-Ryu Karate.


 Teen/Adult Karate 14 & older

Goshukan-Ryu Karate and Kobudo training for high school through adults.

Structure. Discipline. Balance. Hard Work.  This is what is shared in the Teen/Adult Traditional Karate Classes. Students will learn the traditional methods of Okinawa Shuri-Te Karate and 5 Ancestor Fist Kung Fu, and will benefit from increased functional self-protection skills, greater physical fitness, improved health, balance, speed, power, development of improved self-esteem and self-control.  Each student will be taught at his/her pace, and encouraged to constantly challenge themselves to achieve new goals.

After the basics have been learned, fundamentals of Judo and Ground Defense are also introduced to the Teen/Adult students to ensure a well rounded and confident student.         Traditional values of honor, integrity, loyalty and sincerity, are pillars of training at the Columbus Dojo.

Defensive Tactics

Closed training for Law Enforcement and Private Security Professionals. Contact Garry Parker at  for more details. Our Defensive Tactics Program has been tested and proven by our clients on their jobs as Police Officers, Deputy Sheriffs, Private/Executive Security, Federal Law Enforcement Agents, and US Special Forces.

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