Rank in the Dojo is used to measure progress of all students following a commmon curriculum. The following is the Belt Ranking system used by the COLUMBUS DOJO; it is the officially recognized and sanctioned rank/belt system set by the International Okinawa Goshukan-Ryu Karate Association (IOGKA).


  • 10-Kyu     White Belt                          (All Beginner Students)
  • 09-Kyu     White Belt/Yellow tip
  • 08-Kyu     Yellow Belt
  • 07-Kyu     Yellow Belt w/black tip
  • 06-Kyu     Green Belt
  • 05-Kyu     Green Belt w/black tip
  • 04-Kyu     Purple Belt
  • 03-Kyu     Purple Belt w/black tip
  • 02-Kyu     Brown Belt
  • 01-Kyu     Brown Belt w/black tip


  • RANK   Color  Min. Age   ADDRESS/ TITLE
  • 1-Dan    Black        13         Senpai
  • 2-Dan    Black        15         Senpai or FukuShidoin (when awarded)
  • 3-Dan    Black        18         Sensei or Shidoin (when awarded)
  • 4-Dan    Black        22         Sensei or Shidoin (when awarded)
  • 5-Dan    Black        30         Sensei or Renshi (when awarded)
  • 6-Dan    Black        35         Sensei or Shihan (when awarded)
  • 7-Dan    Black        42         Sensei or Kyoshi
  • 8-Dan    Black        50         Sensei or Kyoshi
  • 9-Dan    Red          60         Sensei or Hanshi
  • 10-Dan   Red         65         Sensei or Hanshi

*10-Dan is reserved for Takamiyagi Hiroshi-The Founder/Soke of Goshukan-Ryu Karate.

* Every Licensed Instructor (3-Dan and higher) should be addressed personally as ‘Sensei’, not by the teaching title; teaching titles should only be used in formal ceremonies or events.

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