The Columbus Dojo was opened in March, 1999 in Columbus, Georgia, and is the North American headquarters (Honbu) for the International Okinawa Goshukan-Ryu Karate Association/ IOGKA.

Our Goal at the Columbus Dojo is to build strong minds, healthy bodies, good character, discipline, and self-control through the traditional training methods of Okinawa Goshukan-Ryu Karate.

Our Purpose is to teach effective self-defense, and personal development for every student.

Staffed by experienced , internationally certified senior instructors, and led by United States Director- Garry Parker; all classes at the Columbus Dojo are designed to maximize the growth and development of every student!

We offer varying levels of martial arts instruction for every age and experience level: including Yochien Karate Kids, Junior Karate, Adult Karate, and Defensive Tactics for Law Enforcement, Military, and Professional Security personnel.

The styles taught at the Columbus Dojo are Goshukan-Ryu Karate: Okinawa Shuri-Te Karate, and Five Ancestor Fist Kung-Fu.

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