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NEW Release


Chanpuru-Cover-Final Art

Available now, the long awaited, newly published memoir from Sensei Garry Parker:  Available personally endorsed (ordered in person at the dojo) or globally at Amazon.com  Please click the Link below to grab your copy!

In my new book, Chanpuru: Reflections and Lessons from the Dojo I’ll guide you on my journey, both in and out of the dojo, and introduce you to the experience through my eyes; the journey can be a little personal, and isn’t always about karate, but that is what makes a memorable life. All experiences on my path haven’t been glorious, but they all have helped to forge my will.

This book is divided into 3 sections:

Book One is autobiographical, in that this section details highlights and reflections of my personal journey in karate from the dojo floor to the crashing waves of the East China Sea, and all points between.

Book Two is filled with topics relevant to the study and practice of this art. This includes lessons that I’ve learned, essays, advice, personal thoughts and stories, and little nuggets of wisdom that I’ve been taught along the way, and am now passing on to you.

Book Three is dedicated to the legacy of my teacher, Takamiyagi Hiroshi, the founder of Goshukan-Ryu (the martial arts style comprised of Goso Kenpo, or Five Ancestor Fist, and Shuri-Te), and pioneer of Wu Zu Quan (aka Ngo Cho Kun or Chinese Five Ancestor Boxing) on Okinawa, Japan. An exclusive interview is included in this chapter, along with rare photos from his personal collection.



“Since 1990 when Mr. Parker first came to Okinawa, I have had the privilege of being his teacher. I have watched him learn and grow beyond my expectations and am proud to see Parker become such a fine ambassador for Okinawan Karate.
—Takamiyagi Hiroshi, Okinawa Goshukan-ryu Karate-do

“The honesty that pervades from this book comes from the Parker’s total immersion in the Okinawan culture. His metamorphosis from American G.I. to Okinawan Karate Man gives readers a unique understanding of martial arts from the Ryukyu Kingdom.”
—Gary Gabelhouse, Novelist and Goju-ryu karate practitioner

“Fascinating and important lessons from a man who lived and trained in a place most people only every dream about. I highly recommend this book to all who study traditional Okinawan and Japanese martial arts.”
—Joe Swift, Tokyo Mushinkan Dojo – Japan

“There are lots of reasons to choose this read, but one in particular makes this book a rare find among the masses. Garry Parker’s Sensei, Takamiyagi Hiroshi, is a true master of Okinawan Karate. As a glimpse into the cultures, training, methods, and daily life from the perspective of “an American student in Okinawa” it’s a great opportunity to see how all the parts actually connect.”
—Wade Chroninger, Meibukan Okinawa Dojo – Okinawa

“In Chanpuru, Parker is kind enough to give those of us who have only dreamed of actually living in Okinawa and dedicating ourselves to our training, a chance to live it through his eyes, his sweat, and his relationships.”
—Russ Smith, Burinkan Dojo