This is how I feel as I attempt to write this article; most writers occasionally get writers block; they get an idea, start writing, and then…nothing. I have quite the opposite issue right now. I am in hyper-drive, sensory overload from a writers viewpoint, that is.  I enjoy writing, I may even go so far as to admit that I really, really like writing..a lot. (Love is such a strong word.) So, when I don’t write for a little while, I feel an emptiness in my being; paradoxically, I feel as if I’ll burst if I don’t write something..anything, just to get it out of me, and onto paper or the screen.

The past 6 weeks have been a whirlwind of training, preparation, and generally just being extremely busy every waking moment of every day, as I readied myself and my students for the arrival of my teacher, Takamiyagi Sensei, from Okinawa.  He stayed with my family in our home for three weeks, and just went back home yesterday morning.  While he was here, we trained, reminisced on old times, told stories, worked on multiple projects, ate great food, drank lots of green tea, trained some more, went to museums, took road trips, trained, and oh, did I mention how much we trained?  Yes.  that much.  Usually 6-8 hours every day, a little less on Sundays, but still we trained daily. I only thought about writing very briefly while I was translating content for his next book; otherwise, I was occupied to the extent that I had no time to think about writing, or any other leisure/fun activity.

Yesterday evening, I finally felt recharged and began to think about what to write, and then it hit me; I have no idea!  I’m overloaded! My brain is so full of all the experiences from the past month that I honestly am having a hard time compartmentalizing it all at this point.  Still, I wanted to write something, if only to knock the rust off, and get a little practice for a real article with meaningful content.

For now, I’ll finish with this:  I was excited to have my Sensei here in America for the first time in his life, and of course, I am aware of the historic significance of this auspicious occasion.  The training, sharing, and open-mindedness that my teacher exhibited with my students, friends, and visiting martial artists that attended our annual Goshukan Gasshuku was fantastic and heartwarming as well; what really made it special though, was when Sensei referred to me on many occasions as his ‘other son’ and ‘ichiban deshi’. There is no higher honor in my mind, and that, my friends, still has me on overload.

G. Parker

About COLUMBUS DOJO- Goshukan-Ryu USA Headquarters

The North American Headquarters (Honbu) for Okinawa Goshukan-Ryu Karate Kobudo since 1999. The Columbus Dojo also serves as the Zen Okinawa Goshukan-Ryu Karate Association North American Headquarters, and hosts several regional training events annually, in addition to the National Training event for Goshukan-Ryu - The IOGKA Goshukan Gasshuku.

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