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The Price of a Hero

The Price of a Hero.

The Price of a Hero

memorial day son at fathers grave
Memorial Day 2013. 0345.
As I begin to write this, my thoughts are still swirling in my head – as they’ve been for the past few hours. No sleep, no rest, no shutting down my mind at this time when most people are sleeping. Thoughts of my brothers in blue, green, ACU’s, ABU’s, and in times past of Khaki, OD green, and BDU’s. My brothers and sisters whose very blood has created the foundation of America, my brothers and sisters who voluntarily gave ALL they had to ensure our freedom in America. My brothers and sisters – the Soldiers, the Sailors, Marines, the Airmen, the Heroes, the Patriots, the reasons that I have the freedom to write this, and the reasons that you are reading this in English.
Some of you that do not know me personally may be wondering why I am writing this on my Karate blog and website. The answer: because I can, I enjoy the freedom to write what I want, where I want, only because of the freedom that is upheld by the Constitution of our great United States of America. The same freedom that has been protected and paid in full by every single drop of blood shed by our American Military men and women that died fighting for our freedom. This means more to me than most will realize. I am an American Veteran.

For those who still don’t understand: You are reading this ONLY because of my service. Had I not served, I wouldn’t have been stationed in Okinawa, Japan. I wouldn’t have trained, taught, or written this blog.

If I had to choose a favorite holiday, Memorial Day wouldn’t be the one; Holidays are normally associated with happy and festive occasions, and to me, Memorial day is not festive. However, it is the most important holiday to me as an American.
For every single American Military man and woman that served, shed blood, and died for the defense of our country- they lived as you and I, but they died a hero. Whether or not they were awarded purple hearts, silver stars, or even the Congressional Medal of honor is of no great concern. Medals will eventually be corroded and return to the earth; A hero’s actions lasts forever.

Let us always remember why we enjoy the freedom that we enjoy in America; Remember today the lives that were given, as we celebrate today with our friends and family. Remember to start the day by honoring and remembering our American Patriots; remember those that lived as men and women and died giving all that they had. Our heroes sacrificed all that they had; they left behind their own families – spouses, children, mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters- To the surviving family and friends, this day is very somber, and will always be a personal reminder of their own personal hero that paid the ultimate cost.
America’s freedom is bought and paid for with the blood of our heroes. Let us never forget.

God Bless our men and women serving today; God Bless America.

G. Parker