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2012 Goshukan Gasshuku Report

2012 Goshukan Gasshuku

 This past weekend was a fantastic success; thank you to all that attended and participated in our IOGKA 13th Annual Goshukan Gasshuku in Columbus, GA.   Our attendance is growing every year, as is the variety of martial arts instruction offered. This year was another first for us as we enjoyed the Live Eisa Taiko Drum Performance of the Mirai Kanai Taiko Group during our lunch break on Saturday! This is a very important part of Okinawa martial history, and was the first taiko experience for many in attendance. We were honored when the Taiko Group Director asked those Paul Sabota Sensei, Izumi Shimabukuro-Parker Sensei, my son Kenji, and myself to participate in the final song.
  I am so very proud of all of the students/teachers that came with an open heart and mind. Not one single complaint by anyone. The Okinawan Spirit of Ichariba Chode was present throughout the Gasshuku, and was experienced by all. The Instructors did a wonderful job, and kept everyone involved and exicted about learning something new.
 FRIDAY: The Gasshuku began with a ‘warm-up’ of Ngo Cho Kun Iron Body drills. (Which Kevin Bonner Sensei participated in quite vigorously). For many this was the first time, and they caught on very quickly! Following, was Troy Price Sensei teaching Shuri-Te Jujutsu series of unbalancing, takedowns, and ankle/leg locking techniques. For the attendees that train primarily in Okinawan Karate, this was a brand new and eye-opening experience!
  We finished the evening with promotions:
Izumi Shimabukuro-Parker was promoted to 3-Dan, and received her IOGKA Shidoin/Instructor License.
Keith Klaif was promoted to 2-Dan, and received his IOGKA Assistant Instructor Certification.
 Following the end of training, we all walked down the block to enjoy a live band while eating dinner and enjoying good conversation.
SATURDAY:  Saturday morning training began with Qigong Training by Troy J Price Sensei, and was a wonderful way to energize and warm-up on a brisk Saturday morning.  Following that, I taught the next segment on Ngo Cho Kun (Five Ancestor Fist) Peho/White Crane Evasion, Entry, and control. Next, Paul Sabota Sensei taught Okinawa Kobudo-Bo Kihon and fundamentals. We broke for lunch to enjoy  the Taiko performance and then back to training. After lunch, we were taught Mugai-Ryu Iaido- Sword etiquette and kata by Ron Davis  Sensei. …

The final segment of the day was Naihanchi destructions taught by me. We finished at approximately 4:30pm and some of us met later that evening for sushi and drinks at a cozy little Japanese Restaurant.
Special thanks to all of our visiting Gasshuku Instructors and performers:
Troy Price Sensei:  Shuri Te Karate/Jujutsu, Qigong
Ron Davis Sensei: Motobu-Ha Shito Ryu, Mugai Ryu Iaido
Paul Sabota Sensei: Matsumura Seito Shorin-Ryu, Okinawa Kobudo
Mirai Kanai Taiko: Eisa Taiko Group from the Atlanta Okinawa Kenjin-Kai.
We had a great cross section of Traditional Martial Arts, both External and Internal, from Okinawa, China, and Japan; there was truly something for everyone, and I personally learned lots of new waza, methods, and principles.
I would like to recognize all of the visiting Sensei/Dojo Owners that traveled and brought students with them to train at this year’s Gasshuku:
Kevin Bonner: Gulf Coast Karate Dojo. Biloxi, MS
Paul Sabota: Imperial Crane Dojo. Crofton, MD
Ron Davis: Yushikan Bushi Shin Dojo. Griffin, GA
Thank you to all of my students who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to help this event go so smoothly, especially Izumi and Robyn, Lisa, and Kaori!
Until next year,
Garry Parker