Monthly Archives: July 2012

Out of Time

 In a few weeks, summer break will end for this year, and it will be back to school for our children.  Back to school means homework, projects, sports, more homework, and of course we never seems to have quite enough time to finish it all.  Time- we all get the same amount of hours in each day; you may spend your 24 hours differently than I spend my 24 hours.

We can use it efficiently, wisely, and productively; we can waste it.  We cannot, however, kill time nor can we buy more. However you choose to spend your allotted time is entirely your choice. The average reader has already spent 45 seconds of your time, and now it’s gone.

As parents and children alike get back into the swing of the full schedule of the new school year, the challenge of attending classes at the dojo regularly will be met with excuses such as “I just can’t find the time”, or “There isn’t enough time in the day”.  May I present to you the solution?  Friends, time isn’t lost, nor can you save it.  We have exactly 24 hours in every day.. no more, no less. We must choose to budget our time as we do our money; for time is the currency of life.

Our lives are so hectic in this hustle & bustle society in which we live and it’s very easy to get lost in the shuffle; it’s easy to procrastinate and forget what’s important.  Friend’s, don’t put off until tomorrow that which needs to be done today. One day it will be too late, and you’ll be out of time.

G. Parker