What is the Dojo?

What is the Dojo?  We hear the term, and usually associate it with the tradtional martial arts ‘training hall”.  That isn’t entirely accurate..read on.

Here we see the kanji for Dojo; the first kanji is ‘way’ or ‘path’. the second is ‘place’. So we read the kanji as ‘the place to practice the way, or the place to follow the path. This way/path is the philosophy that is the backbone of all traditional budo (martial arts). That is, the constant search for self discovery, self improvement, and enlightenment. The dojo is the place where we go to learn our chosen martial art…and learn about ourself.
We learn to discipline ourselve, to push harder, go further, make goals, meet them, exceed them, make new ones..on the path to self discovery.
This is our dojo. This is your dojo. Enjoy the journey.

G. Parker

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